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Lumieres d'Afriques
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Born in Al Hoceima, in 1972, Jamila Lamarani graduated from The Fine Arts School of Tétouan, in 1998. She lives and works in Rabat and is one the founding members of Collectif212.


The artist likes to vary techniques that support her work but space remains her favored tool. She constructs it with from a fragile architecture made from dark fabrics evocative of the secret recesses of memory, she builds infinite layers of shadow and light that are just as fissured with openings to the dream world. In her recent installations, drawers are used, enclosing the memories of hope filled bygone lives. The distance imposed by her installations, with a mazes of stretched string that resemble bars and suggest both a chosen and subjected imprisonment of the individual within a society traversed by ambiguities and tensions.


She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Morocco and abroad, including the Dakar Biennial of Contemporary Art, in Senegal in 2002. In November 2008, during the exhibition Casa Arab de Madrid, Collectif212 Arte contemporaneo en Marrueccos, she installed Mémoire 1, with 6 other members of the Collectif212. In 2010, she created the second part of the installation, Mémoire 2, in the art space Le Cube Independent Art Room in Rabat, and installed, the same year, Fabric of memory, at the SANAA Gallery in Utrecht, Netherlands. In 2013, she participated in the project Au-délà de mes rêves, at the Royal Monastery of Brou and at H2M, in Bourg-en-Bresse, in collaboration with the Lyon Biennial. In 2014, she took part in the exhibition Identities, at the Institute of Islamic Cultures, in Paris. At present her work can be seen at the Photography and Visual Arts Museum, in an exhibition entitled Trace of the future.

Jamila Lamrani

Jamila Lamrani,
Africa Dreams, 2015,
Installation, Variable Dimensions,
©Mathieu Lombard

As you know, the Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. After Asia, Europe and the American continent, the African continent sees the Covid19 epidemic coming with great concern, given the limited health infrastructures available in some countries.


All the AAD teams wish to give their warm support to the artists, professionals, partners and volunteers involved in our projects throughout Africa.


We have preventively taken the decision to temporarily suspend all our activities in the field in order to participate in the security of all and to try stop the spread of the virus on the continent.


As we know today, the speed of implementation of measures to protect people on a collective scale is critical in the future fight against the impact of this virus.


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