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Lumieres d'Afriques
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Naziha Arebi was born in 1984 to a Libyan father and English mother. She grew up in Hastings, United Kingdom. Having trained in the world of theatre, she then chose to specialize with an MA in Screen at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.


After her studies, she moved to Libya in order to gain a better understanding of her cultural heritage. Current events, daily life and cultural rituals are motifs in her work in an approach that is as much esthetic as it is documentary. Explorations of the notion of freedom, personal and collective, in the face of adversity have become the source of her work and is a reoccurring theme. As a witness to the political and socio-economic effervescence occurring in Libya, Naziha Arebi works at the cross section between visual arts and activism. Attracted by the human details in life that connect us all, the ordinary in the extraordinary and vice versa. She multiplies the clichés of domestic life and life on the streets, with political gatherings and movements. She also addresses the issues of stereotypes, gender issues and the place of women in society, whether as a soccer player, a traditional bride, an activist; it is all through an intimate and tactile human lens.


Naziha’s photography and writing has been published in The Monocle, Brownbook, RUKH, Critical Muslim, The Outpost, Mashallah News, Vitra Design and her art and installations have been exposed all over the world from Tripoli to Barcelona, London, Paris to Dakar and the Ivory Coast. She regularly works with UN Women, Hivos and BBC Media Action and also works with activists and NGO’s on using visuals and cinema as a tool of engagement. Her films for cinema have been shown worldwide at the Arab Film Festival USA, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Tripoli Film Festival and many others. Naziha is a WEF Global Shaper, a Beyond Borders 1325 fellow, and a Sundance Fellow, and recently participated in the Sundance Story and Edit lab in Utah. As well as directing her first feature film, Freedom Fields with SDI, she is also currently producing another feature documentary in Libya, After A Revolution, in collaboration with Met Film, and has two fiction features in development.


Naziha arebi

Naziha Arebi,
Reflexions on Black Gold, 2015,
Installation, impression sur toile et
Bande sonore, Dimensions variables,
©Mathieu Lombard