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Lumieres d'Afriques
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Born in 1966, in São Domingos, in the north of Guinea Bissau, Nú Barreto moved to Paris in 1989, where he currently lives and works. He was initially interested in photography and studied briefly at the Photography School AEP in Paris, in 1993. He then pursued his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Métiers d’Image au Gobelins from 1994 to 1996, where he finished his photography studies.


Multidisciplinary artist using drawing, found objects and collage, Nú Barreto looks to awaken the viewer through his paintings, drawings, photographs and videos. His leitmotiv has been the condemnation of the oppressive acts in our world, especially denouncing the misery and suffering that plagues the African continent. He incorporates in his work the language of shapes, symbolic colors and motifs carrying a strong meaning.


Nú Barreto’s work has been shown in several solo exhibitions in France, Portugal, Spain and New York. In 1998, he exhibited his work at the Lisbon World Exposition. In 2013, he participated for the second time in UNESCO’s Art for Peace exhibition in Paris. His work has also been discovered during collective shows, such as at the French-Mozambican Cultural Center, in Maputo, in 2005, as well as at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the Dakar Biennial, in Senegal, in 2006; the Centre Culturel des Rencontres de Neumünster (CCRN) in Luxembourg in 2007; the Kunstraum Kreuzberg, in Berlin, Germany; the Vieira da Silva Museum, in Lisbon, Portugal; the Mémorial de América Latina à Marta Traba, in São Paulo, Brazil; the Boribana Museum Dakar, in Senegal, and most recently, at the MUCANE Museum in Victoria, Brazil.

Nu Barreto

Nu Barreto,
Sukuru (Darkness), 2015,
Acrylic on marouflaged canvas,
120 x 120 cm,
©Mathieu Lombard

As you know, the Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. After Asia, Europe and the American continent, the African continent sees the Covid19 epidemic coming with great concern, given the limited health infrastructures available in some countries.


All the AAD teams wish to give their warm support to the artists, professionals, partners and volunteers involved in our projects throughout Africa.


We have preventively taken the decision to temporarily suspend all our activities in the field in order to participate in the security of all and to try stop the spread of the virus on the continent.


As we know today, the speed of implementation of measures to protect people on a collective scale is critical in the future fight against the impact of this virus.


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