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Lumieres d'Afriques
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Born in 1975 in Malawi, Samson Kambalu received his degree in Fine Arts and Ethnomusicology from the University of Malawi, in 1999. He then pursued his studies in England at Nottingham Trent University and Chelsea College Art and Design, where he received a PhD in 2015.


Artist and author, he works in various mediums painting, drawing, installation, video, performance, and through literature. He uses art as a vehicle for critical thinking and his work reflects his personal experiences. He is particularly inspired by the Nyau society, the people from his native Malawi and their social structures.


His first book, The Jive Talker or How to Get a British Passport, is a critique of an artists’ memory having grown up in Africa, published in both English and German.


His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions across the world, including the Dakar Biennial of 2014, the Tokyo International Art Festival in 2009, the Liverpool Biennial in 2014, and the Venice Biennial, All the Worlds Futures, in 2015. Currently, he is in residence at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Samson Kambalu

Samson Kambalu,
Invention (1976), 2015,
Video installation, 0’37,
©Samson Kabalu

As you know, the Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. After Asia, Europe and the American continent, the African continent sees the Covid19 epidemic coming with great concern, given the limited health infrastructures available in some countries.


All the AAD teams wish to give their warm support to the artists, professionals, partners and volunteers involved in our projects throughout Africa.


We have preventively taken the decision to temporarily suspend all our activities in the field in order to participate in the security of all and to try stop the spread of the virus on the continent.


As we know today, the speed of implementation of measures to protect people on a collective scale is critical in the future fight against the impact of this virus.


In these times of containment, you can find some of our projects and keep in touch on :


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Above all, take care of yourself and your loved ones.


AAD team.