Lumieres d'Afriques | Lumieres d’Afriques at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Lumieres d'Afriques
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Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art



Rabat Musée Site

The exhibition “Lumieres d’Afriques” (Lights of Africas), which has already been presented in 6 different countries, pursues its journey and settled in Rabat on April 2nd and will remain until August 15th at the Museum of Mohammed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art.


This exhibition is the first one in the history of contemporary art to display the artwork of 54 renowned artists throughout the world, one for each African State, gathered around a common theme: “Lumières d’Afriques” (Lights of Africas).
These 54 artists commit to a similar artistic movement to promote the challenge that represents accessing energy. It revolves around this simple idea: there is no future, no growth or progress without electricity.
The beauty of this exhibition lies in the commitment of these art pieces, the number of means of expression (photographies, paintings, sculptures…) and the representation of the african continent in its whole. In organizing school visits and in publishing an educational booklet adapted to the host country for each exhibition, AAD endeavors to share a message to the younger generations, while presenting the grandeur and the great diversity of contemporary african art.


“Lumières d’Afriques” (Lights of Africas) was founded and conceptualized by African Artists for Development in 2015 before the COP21 and was inaugurated in Paris in November of 2015 at the National Theater of Chaillot. It was next presented in Abidjan, in Ivory Coast, in the second trimester of 2016 in collaboration with the African Bank of development, then in Dakar, in Senegal, in the beginning of 2017, at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in march 2017, and in Addis Ababa, in the African Union at the beginning of 2018. It was also displayed in the EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, in Germany, in the second trimester of 2018, and, as of today, settles in Morocco, in the capital city of Rabat.

About the Museum: The Museum of Mohammed VI of modern and contemporary art is part of a network of museums including 14 museums structured by the FNM. Inaugurated in October of 2014, the Museum of Mohammed VI is part of a vast and significant politic of development and reinforcement of cultural infrastructures in Morocco. It is the first museal institution in the kingdom to be entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and to respond to the international museographic normes. Its creation marks a major shift in the history of the cultural politic of the nation, in the fact that it constitutes a new action favoring knowledge and the diffusion of an important aspect of the artistic creation in Morocco.


Some artists of the exhibition were present at the inauguration :
Amina Zoubir (Algéria),
Nyaba Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso),
Aminata Sow (Mauritania),
Hassan Musa (Sudan)
et Mouna Jemal Siala (Tunisia).
AAD’s Presidents Gervanne et Matthias Leridon, the art dealer Jean-Philippe Aka, the FNM Presidet Mehdi Qotbi, the Museum President, Abdelaziz El Idrisse, Michel Sapin, the African relationship minister…


Artistic Direction: Jean Michel Champault

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